Village Laine 12 Days of Winter Treat Box

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You won't want to miss this! 2020 has been naughty, but we want you to end the year in the nicest way possible!

This box contains 12 surprise small packages with colour-coordinated winter wonderland-themed 20g mini skeins of 80/20 sock yarn, stitch markers, a pattern for a very cool knitted garland, garland supplies, a bright surprise, and treats! 

Our usual love, care and attention to detail has gone into this surprise box and we can't wait for you to open each daily package! Together they can be used to make our winter garland, or you can use the minis for any project you like from socks to shawls and more!

This item will ship late November so you can have it in time for the snow, the holidays, or you can rip open all the little packages as soon as it hits your mitts - your choice!


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