2019 Wrap Up - What yarn-y thing are you proud of accomplishing?

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2019 Wrap Up - What yarn-y thing are you proud of accomplishing?

A blog post on 2019 accomplishments in knitting, crochet and fibre arts.

Welcome to our first blog post! 


2019 was a huge year for Cheryl and me as we (fairly spontaneously) jumped into owning a yarn shop. In June, Cheryl and I were just friends in the same knitting group, and in July we became business partners! Our love child, Village Laine Yarn Cafe, was born in October and wow, Wow, WOW! It's been so fantastic. We are thrilled with the community response. We are so happy to have met so many amazing people in our community. We are grateful for the active support and encouragement from so many - thank you!


We can't wait to see what 2020 brings. If 20/20 means perfect vision, then let's hope for clarity, insight, beautiful vistas, and knowing our way forward, joyfully, in 2020!


Hindsight can help us practice gratitude for the places and experiences we have journeyed from, so as 2019 comes to a close, let's reflect on some of the best parts of this year. What was your favourite yarn-y moment or accomplishment? Did you learn a new knitting skill? Did you finally learn how to crochet adorable amigurumi (and if you don't know what that is, google it but let me warn you looking at patterns for amigurumi can be a total rabbit hole!). Did you start needle-felting and fell in love with stab-y, cathartic crafting? Tell us what 2019 brought to your crafting world.


For me, my favourite crafting moment of 2019 was when I finally finished a sweater that didn't disappoint me. I had a designer modify the arms a little, and I really worked hard to make a sweater that fit me perfectly. And it does! The sweater I knit was Andrea Mowry's Comfort Fade Cardi sweater, and I used a lovely gradient set of yarn in reds, purples, deep blues and black. Here is a link to that pattern: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/comfort-fade-cardi


I love match-matchy clothing, and so this sweater makes my little heart happy because it matches so very many things. Yay! I'm on to another sweater now, this time a gorgeous yellow sweater made from Riverside Studios. I've just divided for the arms so it's coming along nicely. Fingers crossed I like it just as much as my Fade. 


Thank you for all who visited us in 2019. We are so appreciative!




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