Ancient Arts Gnathan Gnome Kit

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Welcome to Gnother Gnome Gnit a long!

This is a pre-order for end of April/first week of May pick-up and shipping for the Gnathan Gnome KAL. Orders are open until Thursday April 22nd. 

Join us for another delightful adventure with Imagined Landscapes Gnot Just Another Gnome MKAL!

Gnathan loves being outside and guiding other like minded folks on nature walks! In keeping with the theme, we have carefully curated 5 different colourways, each reflecting a different location or destination!
  • High Tea -  Spumoni, Lavender Cupcake, and City Girl Chic 1 (3 skeins x 20g each) Yarn Only!
  • Picnic in a Meadow - Tiny Orchid, House Orchid, and City Girl Chic 1 (3 skeins x 20g each) Yarn Only!
  • Baby Elephant Walk  - Morisot, Cirrus, and City Girl Chic 1 (3 skeins x 20g each) Yarn Only!
  • Stroll By the Sea -  Island Breeze, Tropical Getaway, and Pieces of 8 (3 skeins x 20g each) Yarn Only!
  • River Walk -  Birch Leaves, City Girl Chic 3, and River Rock (3 skeins x 20g each) Yarn Only!

Pattern available separately through our shop or Ravelry:   

MKAL starts May 7th-26th.


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