Prym Prym Ergonomic Circular Needles 32"

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These are 32".

The innovative prym.ergonomics circular knitting needles make knitting easier, more comfortable and more beautiful. They are made of valuable high-performance synthetic material and are bendable, i.e. they swing when you knit with them. This material also ensures quiet knitting so that there are no rattling noises.

By means of the drop-shaped point, the Prym ergonomics knitting needles are well suited for beginners, because the thread guidance is much easier and the yarn does not slide so quickly from the top. Due to the changing the shape of the needles, round for stitch formation towards a triangular cross-section, the stitches slide easily over the needle body.

The stable, very fine steel cord of the circular knitting needles is covered with high quality synthetic material. Here there is no spiral effect, the cord will not get tangled.

The innovative circular knitting needles were awarded the Red Dot Design Award in 2016.


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